Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Show reel 2011

Here is some of the work i did over the last year and a bit. some unfinished things in there, bits of my 3rd year film and the like.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ark - in progress

This is the poster and some stills for my third year film Ark which i haven't completed.
I plan to get it done before i get started on my 4th year film and get it up here soon.

When the dust settles

This is a group project i produced with some class mates in 3rd year over a 3 week period.
I was responsible for the cinematography, 3d modeling and animation and special effects.

Written and directed by Jody Barker-Rockett.
3D, Special Effects and Cinematography by Liam O'Brien.
Backgrounds and Layout by Jack O'Shea.
2D Animation by Craig Mullins, Paul Ruttledge, Ruaidhri O'Shea, Jody Barker-Rockett and Jack O'Shea.
Music Composed by Jody Barker-Rockett.
Character Design by Paul Ruttledge.

The Night Train

This is my second year film entitled The Night Train. i modeled the train exterior in 3d max, constructed the interior in after effects and the characters are flash.

Well... Blog

My name's Liam O'Brien. I'm an animation student and this is my animation and film making blog. I'm just going to put up so things I've done already first and then add things i'm currently working on such as my upcoming final year film.